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What is it like to be an atheist in India?

Being an atheist in India is like being a vegetarian at a barbecue party - lots of questions, puzzled faces, and a fair share of "but why?" reactions. It's a Bollywood plot twist that leaves everyone at the edge of their seats. From the curious aunties at social gatherings to the intrigued rickshaw-wallahs, everyone has a spicy opinion to serve. There's a sense of camaraderie with fellow atheists, like we're all part of an exclusive club, minus the secret handshake. But hey, it's not all a rollercoaster ride, you do get to skip the long queues at temples!

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How is the life of an unmarried female in India?

The life of an unmarried female in India can be a challenging yet rewarding journey. Despite the traditional pressures that Indian society puts on women to marry, many unmarried women in India choose to pursue their own paths and make their own decisions. These women often face unique economic and social obstacles that their married counterparts may not, but with hard work and determination, many of them are able to build successful and rewarding lives for themselves. Despite the challenges, an unmarried woman in India can live a full and meaningful life by following her own ambitions and dreams.

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